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Work Logs and Tasks Synchronization between Different Trackers

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of IT specialist that works in the outsource/outstaff format. In short, we sell man-hours and skills of our employees. That’s why it is important for us to keep an accurate record of all the tasks completed by our employees, as well as of the time they spent on the tasks.

What problem does it pose?

Like many other teams (and clients, too), we use a task tracker to do this. However, it led to some difficulties when our engineers were involved in different projects. Often, only the engineer who is directly involved in the project and/or his manager have access to client’s trackers, while information on tasks completed and hours spent is also needed, among other things, to generate financial reports for each client, track all activities on all projects, calculate salary for the employees, and maintain financial planning.

In this situation, every engineer has to track their tasks in two trackers simultaneously: the client's tracker and our internal tracker. Alternatively, the manager has to manually transfer all employees’ data from all client trackers to our time tracking system.

This way, working with trackers can take up to several hours a day on a regular basis because clients want to see work reports with various level of details (including info on specific tasks, dates, and work descriptions); it is necessary to double-check all work logs for each employee in multiple trackers in order to avoid errors and to prevent situations when new work logs appear while the old data is still being used.

How can we help managers with these routine tasks? How can we save up to several hours a day for each specialist?

We have a solution!

We created some tools to solve this exact problem.

Tasks, work logs, and comments can now be automatically synchronized between JIRA trackers “by click” or on a schedule with the help of our JIRA Syncer plugin.

The plugin helps you collect all work logs from different JIRA instances into one and ensures timely and accurate synchronization.

Find out more about JIRA Syncer features and download a free version of the plugin by following this link.

But wait! That’s not all!

We develop integration solutions for any popular trackers.

An easy-to-setup and highly accurate synchronization can help you monitor task completion and track work time in multiple trackers.

Right now we’re already working on integrations for YouTrack, JIRA, ASANA, and YANDEX trackers with YouTrack.

We can create a simple and elegant tracker synchronization tool upon your request.

If you’re interested in our product, email us at, send us a message on Telegram or use the web form on our site, and we’ll get in touch right away!