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Experienced engineers
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Open communications, transparent processes, high-quality technical solutions

We’re committed to be not only a service provider but a true part of your team to better understand the goals and needs of your business. We can strengthen your team with experienced engineers or fully undertake the work on a certain technical element of your project.
From the very beginning, our company has been focusing on development of interesting and elegant technological solutions. We’re proud of our team of skilled engineers who share views and values. We’re not afraid of tasks of any complexity, and we are ready to take them on with enthusiasm.

We specialize in DevOps, Java development, and testing. Our expertise allows us to provide IT services on request in separate areas, as well as to assemble a team of engineers to solve complex IT problems for you.

Our main principles are open communications and cooperation. We are ready to help you achieve your goals and to provide high-quality results. Our team builds strong communications with our clients to ensure transparent processes and effective collaboration throughout any project.

All our managers have extensive experience in IT both as customers and contractors. Thanks to this experience, we truly understand how important good communications, transparent processes, and high-quality technical solutions are for the success of a projects. Our work is based on these principles, and we are committed to follow them in every project.
Alexander Zarubin
The Founder of Software Cats
Principles and work traditions of Software Cats_
  • Interesting people with extensive IT experience_
    Each of our Team Leads was once a Developer, Project or Product Manager in outsourcing and product companies. We understand the difficulties and challenges that our employees face every day, so we try to make our processes comfortable. We organize our work in a way that allows everyone to do their job professionally and at the same time feel the support of internal community, mentor, and the head of the department.
  • We value initiative_
    We understand that it’s impossible to know everything, that’s why we value not only the personal experience of every employee but also their ability to learn, think, and take the initiative. Communication is the key, and if a Team Lead doesn't have personal experience in a particular technology, they can always rely on the team's knowledge. Every employee has a mentor who helps them adapt to a project faster and conducts regular meetings to discuss successes and failures.
  • We listen, we understand, and we value_
    We work on actual business cases of our customers, so we are always in contact with the customer's team and get immediate feedback. Engineers work directly with the technical team. We respond flexibly to the team's feedback. In case of any problems or barriers in work, we are always ready to listen, understand, and evolve. In addition, we have an amazing and responsive internal community! If you have questions, you can ask any colleague for help.
  • Transparency_
    Every Friday we discuss news and events of the week in all our areas, including sales, management, and other supporting processes. We have "strategic dialogs" with the team quarterly to set long-term goals and discuss our future as a team.
  • Comfortable work format_
    We have an office in Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk), but every employee is free to choose the most convenient work format—from the office or from home. We trust our team, so we have no prejudice towards remote work.
Discuss a project_

If you have an IT problem, please leave us your contact, and we’ll help you develop a plan for solving it.

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