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Let's start by taking care of your infrastructure right away

  • Caring about your infrastructure.
  • Reducing the cost of cloud services.
  • Supporting your development team.
  • Ensuring the safety of your data.
  • Improving fault tolerance.
  • Arranging smooth releases without losses.

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We develop and enhance Java solutions

  • Analyzing your requirements.
  • Building an architecture.
  • Developing an API.
  • Developing back-end and front-end.
  • Setting up your infrastructure.
  • Creating desktop and mobile applications.

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We test your product and ensure quality at all stages

  • Building a controlled testing process.
  • Providing test management.
  • Conducting tests.
  • Pinpointing and documenting all defects.
  • Developing test documentation.
  • Preparing a test report.

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Why choose Software Cats?
  • Timeframe and Budget
    Our experience and system approach allow us to guarantee predictable results within agreed timeframe and budget.
  • Your Business Needs
    We develop customized solutions which meet the specific needs and goals of your business.
  • From Small to Large Projects
    We have experience in working with projects of various sizes. We provide reliable and stable results even in the most complex and high-load cases.
  • Flexibility
    Our ability to quickly adapt to changes and new project requirements allows us to work and achieve great results in a dynamic environment.
  • Communication
    Excellent communication skills allow us to interact with clients effectively, understand their needs, and ensure a high level of client satisfaction.
  • Experts
    We are a team of highly skilled specialists with deep professional knowledge and rich experience, and we are ready to turn the most complex and ambitious projects into reality.
Here’s what our clients say about us_
  • We hired Software Cats for a key part of our software product development and from the first weeks we knew it was the right decision! In just a few days, Software Cats delved into all the nuances of our infrastructure, identified the most pressing problems, and provided a clear work plan. Within three months, we received a stable and fully managed solution (which was also appreciated by our numerous users). And after another six months, we had a scalable system fit for thousands of devices. Software Cats displayed the highest level of competence and involvement in all processes—they were at our service at any time of the day or night. We have developed very strong business relations and become friends.
  • Software Cats provided us with an engineer who quickly installed and configured Jenkins for all our applications, both monolith and microservice-based. During the configuration process, he found and fixed errors in the configuration of our application server. One of our main requirements was to document the entire process, and the engineer did an excellent job here. He used built-in Amazon Cloud Watch tools and a separate Prometheus service for monitoring purposes. All work was completed within the agreed timeframe. He also provides timely support and advice to our developers now.
  • When we have an unexpected task, which requires an unorthodox solution in the shortest time possible, and our internal specialists are occupied, we can always turn to Software Cats. First of all, they quickly respond to customer requirements (delivery speed is often as important as product quality); secondly, the cross-functionality of their specialists allows them to understand even my still unformed expectations and provide results; and thirdly, they always maintain a constructive dialog with their customers.
  • The Software Cats team won me over by starting to ask tough questions from the very beginning and getting to the bottom of the product in a way that no previous development team has ever done. These guys were always able to find a solution for even the most complex ideas while doing their best to fit into the startup's budget. I am proud of the projects we worked together on (integration with the Nochlezhka charity platform for providing access to content after making a donation to the organization), and I'm happy with the fact that this team won’t say “no” to any of my ideas. Despite having their base of operations in Novosibirsk, Software Cats always quickly respond to any problems with our streaming service 24/7. What is also important, the SC team is super proactive. Sometimes they even foresee some upcoming tasks. Which shows their real passion for work.

  • Everyday our service helps more than 30,000 users find the medicine they need. Despite having expensive and powerful servers, we suddenly started having problems with our database processing speed. We decided to hire Software Cats, so that they helped us optimize the performance of our servers and databases. They did it literally in one day, and all our services began to "fly" again. We are very grateful to the team for their support.
  • In the middle of 2019, we had a task to quickly build a complex infrastructure for our product—an automated financial trading platform. We needed to solve several complex engineering problems without involving our internal resources or spending a lot of time to find in-house specialists. Being familiar with the founders of Software Cats and their experience in solving specific DevOps problems, we turned to the guys without a shadow of a doubt. As a result, with the help of just two engineers from Software Cats, we were able to move into full-fledged production stage in just six months from the start of development. We still actively cooperate on product development and implementation of new technologies. And special thanks for constantly providing technical and emergency support at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.
  • This is a rare occasion when I'm writing a review with a feeling of a certain joy and gratitude. We needed to develop an electronic educational environment (an electronic library system with licensing functionality). At first, it seemed like a trivial task. The first version, which we made ourselves, eventually began to develop faults and produce errors. So we decided to turn to third-party developers. We found Software Cats through the word of mouth. We called them, had a talk, and formed some mutual vision of our project. At first, like many others, we started writing technical specifications ourselves. How hard can it be, right? The same mistake every time... To make the long story short, Software Cats were able to pull us out of this fruitless job just in time. They were able to literally pull all the requirements from our heads and compile nice and clear technical specifications. The company calculated all the expenses and named a price which was acceptable for us. So we signed a deal. It’s like developing new farming lands: don’t try to do something yourself... Just call a specialist with a tractor. In our case, these specialists were Software Cats. I can keep singing how we liked working with Software Cats (the project was led by Alexander and we highly recommend working with him!), but time is money. I might have also complained about going a bit over our budget, but it is completely normal for working on a live project, so it doesn't even worth mentioning. We are very pleased with the result! Everything works and it brings joy to our hearts.
  • Software Cats are true professionals! For four years, the team has been helping us in developing an online investment service for industrial real estate. The service worked 24/7 without a single failure thanks to the monitoring and early response system implemented by Software Cats.
    The team’s engineers and managers always find solutions, which are optimal in terms of implementation time and cost, meet our expectations, and adopt modern approaches in administration and implementation of services.
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